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  • Justin Legel

    Head Golf Professional

    Before graduating from Keiser University College of Golf in 2015, I played on Canton High School’s Varsity golf team for four years. I was introduced to golf at an early age. I ventured into other sports growing up, but I was always drawn back to golf. That’s when I knew I wanted to make it my passion. When I started at Keiser, I learned not only the different aspects of the industry, but also the importance in giving back to the community. When volunteering for Special Olympics, I feel it gave me the opportunity to approach all different skills and abilities people may have. This has helped me become a well-rounded instructor.

    Teaching Philosophy:
    I base my instruction around “Progress Not Perfection!” It doesn’t matter to me your ability, age or golf background is. If you show a passion to want to learn, then I will help you get there. I also focus on G.A.S. (Grip, Aim/Alignment, and Stance/set up)

    What to expect from me as an instructor:

    1. To go along with my motto of “Progress Not Perfection,” you can expect your lessons to be simple, but effective without throwing too many adjustments at you at one time. I will take what you have and look at where you want to go in terms of your golf game and make a plan to best get you there.
    2. Each lesson will focus on a what we determine is your current barrier to better playing. I’ll work with you during that time to break through that obstacle, You will not do anything perfect the first time when working on a change, so my goal is to help you progress little by little until you get where you want to be.
    3. I am strong believer in having correct and solid fundamentals (grip, aim, stance/setup, swing positions). Without a good foundation, you’ll never be able to reach the level you want to get to.
    4. When it comes to lessons, it is your time. You’re taking lessons because you want to learn, and I want to help you learn the most you can. I let my students tell me what they want to learn or improve upon.
    5. I like to have fun! Without some fun the lesson process can be quite a bore and not beneficial for the student. I like to provide a very open environment that allows both the student and teacher to establish a personal relationship with each other.

    Lesson Rates
    30 Minute Lesson $30
    (3) 30 Minute Lessons $70

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